How Well Does ‘Sex’ Sell?

Sex by Rick BennetteWe all know sex sells. We see it in commercials, on line, everywhere. So I decided to do a little experiment on my own to see just how well sex really sells.

I am an author. Most of my books are sci-fi and/or love stories. I publish them on line at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple and Sony with the hopes that readers will find them and buy them. So far, the results have not been in the best seller category.

I decided to write a short article about how little honest sex education there is directed toward teenagers. The article is about five pages long, hardly enough to be earth shattering or even become a full book. This short online book was posted but never advertised. The title is ‘Sex’. Guess what happened?

Somehow, readers around the world found it. My five page publication, ‘Sex’, hit the Amazon sex category top ten list at number six in it’s first five days. Out of a million and a half total books on Amazon, it hit number 2800 and sold in six countries in less than a week.

Based on the success of this experiment, I decided to write a complete romantic comedy named “Sex” and replace the five page original posting.

You can find this book on Amazon’s website by searching for Rick Bennette, or you can use this direct link.

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Have You Ever Had a Secret Love?

The Boss

The Boss

Have you ever secretly been in love with someone who didn’t acknowledge in that manner?

Have you been afraid to approach someone for fear of losing whatever relationship already exists between you?

What if you could create the perfect opportunity to make your move? If you were in the time and place where the object of your affection had to devote their attention to you completely, could you finally muster the courage to make your move, even if this person was your boss?

This is the great love story, “The Boss”.

You can find this book on Amazon’s web site, or you can use this direct link.

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Are We Alone?

Aliens In ParadiseMany books have been written and many films have been created about aliens from other worlds.  Most books and films depict aliens as hostile toward humans, or humans hostile toward aliens.

Most of the world’s population believes in an Almighty Creator, whether by the name of God, Yahweh, Allah or any other name. A good number of people also believe that there are other planets somewhere in the Universe capable of harboring life.

Very few people believe beings from other worlds have actually made it here to Earth. So far, no one has offered conclusive proof of the existence of life from another world. The seed of thought regarding what aliens might look like has been planted in our minds by writers and film makers with vivid imaginations. Here’s another thought to ponder.

If there are other worlds in the universe harboring life, and the Almighty Creator made the entire Universe, would it not be out of the realm of cognoscente thinking to imagine that beings from other worlds might indeed look a lot like us? After all, since God created humans on Earth, He might have also created humans or human-like beings on other worlds.

This is the premise behind my novel, Aliens In Paradise. The science is based on our modern laws of physics, so the story is plausible. Plus there’s a little bit of comedy thrown in for good measure. It’s a family friendly read, so the kids can enjoy it, too.

You can find this book on Amazon’s web site by entering Rick Bennette or you can use this direct link.

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