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I write mostly romance novellas that focus on the formation of relationships that usually begin under adverse or less than ideal situations. Science fiction is also a genre I write, but most of the science is based on real physics. There are other works in progress for other genres coming soon.

Who Really Owns The Film You Wrote?

So you have this great idea for a film. You gather some actors and crew and go about having some fun filming your movie. Your camera person takes the files to their studio, and under your direction, edits the film … Continue reading

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How Well Does ‘Sex’ Sell?

We all know sex sells. We see it in commercials, on line, everywhere. So I decided to do a little experiment on my own to see just how well sex really sells. I am an author. Most of my books … Continue reading

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Have You Ever Had a Secret Love?

Have you ever secretly been in love with someone who didn’t acknowledge in that manner? Have you been afraid to approach someone for fear of losing whatever relationship already exists between you? What if you could create the perfect opportunity … Continue reading

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Are We Alone?

Many books have been written and many films have been created about aliens from other worlds.  Most books and films depict aliens as hostile toward humans, or humans hostile toward aliens. Most of the world’s population believes in an Almighty … Continue reading

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